Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration with Novena, Prayer Service and Talk, Mass, Mariachi Band, Dec 3 – 12

The celebration for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe begins with a Novena starting on December 3rd, a prayer service and talk on December 10th, Sunday celebration with Mass with Mariachi Band on December 11th, and a 5AM mañanita followed by Mass at 7PM on December 12th.

December 3-11, 7PM - Novena
December 9, 6PM - San Juan Diego Mass
December 10, 7:30PM - Prayer Service and Talk on Guadalupe

December 11, Sunday Celebration for Our Lady of Guadalupe
12:30 PM Mass (Spanish), followed by Mariachi Band, procession and fellowhip

On December 12, her actual feast day, there will be a "mañanita" from 5AM, and a feast day Mass at 7PM.