RSS Podcast: Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermons

  • What Happens After We Die? April 9, 2024
    Friends, this week, on the Third Sunday of Easter, we have a passage from that magnificent twenty-fourth chapter of Luke—one of the appearances of the risen Christ to the Apostles. When we’re talking about the Resurrection, we’re talking about the central point of Christian faith, the hinge upon which the whole of Christianity turns. So […]
    Bishop Robert Barron
  • Do You Struggle to Believe? April 2, 2024
    Friends, on the Second Sunday of Easter, we have the inexhaustible reading from the twentieth chapter of John—one of the accounts of the Resurrection appearances of Jesus. These are in many ways the core texts of our Christian faith, so it behooves us to spend some careful time looking at them. This week, I want […]
    Bishop Robert Barron
  • Evidence of the Resurrection March 26, 2024
    Friends, a very happy and blessed Easter! We come to the climax of the Church’s year, the feast of feasts, the very reason for being of Christianity. Everything in Christian life centers around the Resurrection. And the Church gives us, every year, the account of Easter morning from the Gospel of John. I want to […]
    Bishop Robert Barron