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  • You Are the Salt of the Earth February 1, 2023
    Bishop Robert Barron How is your Christianity impacting the world around you—making it better and getting in the way of evil and wickedness?
    Bishop Robert Barron
  • The Key to Happiness January 25, 2023
    Bishop Robert Barron Our Gospel for this Sunday is one of the great passages of the New Testament—namely, the Beatitudes from the fifth chapter of Matthew.
    Bishop Robert Barron
  • Join Your Life to the Light January 18, 2023
    Bishop Robert Barron Friends, this liturgical year, we are reading from the Gospel of Matthew, and Matthew is written precisely for a Jewish audience.
    Bishop Robert Barron

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  • Why Catholic Schools Matter January 31, 2023
    Bishop Robert Barron The flourishing of Catholic schools is important, not simply for the Church, but for our whole society. 
    Bishop Robert Barron
  • Nick Cave on “Faith, Hope, and Carnage” January 30, 2023
    Andrew Petiprin Thank God for Nick Cave, and check out "Faith, Hope, and Carnage" for one great musician’s perspective on the things that matter.
    Andrew Petiprin