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  • All the Way Down March 29, 2023
    Bishop Robert Barron In the second Palm Sunday reading today, Paul is reflecting on the downward trajectory of the Son of God—all the way down into death itself.
    Bishop Robert Barron
  • Is Death the End? March 22, 2023
    Bishop Robert Barron Friends, on this Fifth Sunday of Lent, our Gospel is John’s story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Does death have the final say?
    Bishop Robert Barron
  • I Was Blind and Now I See March 15, 2023
    Bishop Robert Barron On this fourth Sunday of Lent, our Gospel is one of the most magnificent stories in the Gospel of John: the healing of the man born blind.
    Bishop Robert Barron

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  • The Symbolism Behind Fish Fridays March 31, 2023
    Joseph Healy We are encouraged to eat cold-blooded meat, like fish, on Fridays as a symbolic meal that participates in Christ’s victory on Good Friday.
    Joseph Healy
  • The Human Factor and the Highway Cloverleaf March 30, 2023
    Dr. Tod Worner Making our way onto and off of the highway cloverleaf is not just a matter of data and calculations. The human factor makes it work.
    Dr. Tod Worner